Open Activities

Alongside the seminars, Anthropocene Campus Lisboa: Parallax includes a set of free activities open to the public. Please keep checking the site for updates.

Open Keynote Lectures


Scott Knowles

7 January 2020
(Tuesday) 18h30

Dipesh Chakrabarty

9 January 2020
(Thursday) 18h30


The Anthropocene Campus Lisboa: Parallax includes several exhibitions and performances open to the public, taking place at Culturgest.

Exhibition by Aidan Koch

JAn 06—11
@Main auditorium’s Foyer, Culturgest
Jan 06, 18h30
guided Tour with Aidan Koch

Aidan Koch (Seattle, 1988) is an artist based in New York, whose multidisciplinary practice includes experimental graphic narratives. Her comics break down the medium to its minimal elements, tracing ambiguous visual and verbal fragments between the visible and absent, poetry and silence. Her works include recurring motifs, like artifacts from classical and ancient cultures, that move from Koch’s comics to her paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and textiles.

Caminhar Pelo Leito, Navegar na Margem
Exhibition and Performance by West Coast Collective

JAn 06—11
Jan 06, 18h30

West Coast is a nomadic collective of research and artistic creation that focusing on the territory and its many dimensions – aesthetic, cultural, social, environmental. It is composed of Álvaro Fonseca, Francisco Pinheiro, Laura Marques, Nuno Barroso and Paul Morais.

Other Activities

El Color de La Selva
watercolors, drawings, and comics by Aidan Koch

Jan 11—Mar 14
@Tinta nos Nervos

Exhibition with watercolors, drawings and comics by Aidan Koch at the gallery/bookstore Tinta nos Nervos.
Details to be announced.