Aidan Koch

9—10 January 2020 // Funny Animals

Aidan Koch (Seattle, 1988) is an artist based in New York, whose multidisciplinary practice includes experimental graphic narratives. Her comics break down the medium to its minimal elements, tracing ambiguous visual and verbal fragments between the visible and absent, poetry and silence. Her works include recurring motifs, like artifacts from classical and ancient cultures, that move from Koch’s comics to her paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and textiles. In 2017, Koch created the Institute for Interspecies Art and Relations, where she mobilizes theory, ethics, and aesthetics in the production of knowledge about and public awareness of human-nonhuman relations. From her prolific career, the comic books The Whale (2010), The Blonde Woman (2012) and Impressions (2014) are among her best-know works, as well as multiple individual and group exhibitions in the United States and Europe.