Building, Dwelling, Thinking in the Anthropocene

9-10 January 2020 // Perception and Narrative
André Pereira, Ateliermob / working with the 99%

How does one dwell in the Anthropocene? Sustained environmental change in the course of a human life has been either exceptional or too slow to be perceptible, allowing for “timeless ways of building.” In contrast, inhabiting the Anthropocene requires architecture and city planning to be able to contend with rapidly shifting socio-ecological environmental shifts, which create very observable communal, social, and political stresses. These are manifest in our built surroundings and raise questions of housing rights, the power relations between center and periphery and sustainable building.
In this seminar, we will reflect on the challenges that mass migration, resource management, and market dynamics impose on the practitioners of architecture (be they professional or not) and how the shape of cities, houses and communities are affected by them.