Iñigo Sánchez

9—10 January 2020 // The Sonic Ecology of the Tourist City

Iñigo Sánchez is currently a research fellow at the NOVA FCSH Ethnomusicology Institute – Center for Studies in Music and Dance (INET-md) in Lisbon (Portugal), where he is the Principal Investigator of the “Sounds of Tourism” project, funded by the Portuguese Research Council (FCT). He holds a PhD in anthropology and his research interests focus on  three interrelated fields of inquiry: music, identity and migration; sound studies; and the study of music and sound in urban contexts. In 2017 he worked as a research fellow at Queen’s University Belfast (2017) in the context of an AHRC research project that explored the relationship of sound and conflict in Mozambique. He has been recently awarded a Ramón y Cajal research contract from the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and he will be joining the Institute of Heritage Science (Incipit) at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) in 2020.