Ivo Louro

9—10 January 2020 // The Sonic Ecology of the Tourist City

Ivo Louro is a PhD candidate at the Interuniversity Center for the History of Science and Technology (CIUHCT), where he is studying the history of vernacular modes of sonification and use of sound as an epistemological tool in science, technology and professional settings, focusing on the particular case of Portuguese windmill buzzers. He is a member of the Anthropolands Project where he has contributed with published works on the relevance of Anthropocene concept for the history of technology and ecocritical essays about works of film director Hayao Miyazaki. He is the organizer of the biennial workshop, Soundscape Campus, that takes place at the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the NOVA University of Lisbon, since 2017.

He holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the same University. He has been affiliated as a research fellow to the National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG), where he worked on Sustainable Public Procurement projects. More recently he has been increasingly engaged with developing sound art works and interfaces using sonification techniques, which he has exhibited in festivals like Immersive (Lisbon, June 2018) and Lisboa Soa (Lisbon, September 2019).